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Edenaar gets police check out after insulting texts on Facebook What could you

discover an appropriate punishment for this man?

EDE-Many men and women that follow the authorities on Facebook make this happen to help resolve criminal offences. In addition, you will find followers who are serious about the work around the police.

It seems that there is in addition another reason to follow us. At any rate, for that 25-year-old Edenaar who sent the next texts to the police yesterday evening.

Despite the dissatisfaction of his, this male continues to ask the police for support to solve the problems of his. After harassing the emergency number, agents have previously seized their phones previous year. This male, who has been persecuted 3 times for insulting in recent years, seemingly did not agree with our actions in different incidents. Then obviously it can. As « Referee of society » we very often deal with multiple people where occasionally a party is not satisfied with us. We understand that, and it is also reasonable that emotion must come into it. Nonetheless, there are limits and we shouldn’t insult or perhaps threaten ourselves.

After discussion with the Prosecutor, the police will prosecute this particular male with the phrase of all the money taken in and most of the following texts for insult. The accused has visited the police and he will have to answer. The situation will then be offered again to justice.

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